Post to sell happiness 😝

Civilisations have not grown but only changed. I still remember before the birth of Computer and Internet people were living happily and with dignity. I am also not denying the fact that people are not happy now. But the way we find happiness has changed. For instance digital era and online games have made us isolated but we still find happiness in that where as in earlier days playing rugby football cricket made us happy. Just stop a moment and think we cannot buy happiness instead we can only feel it. Money can give you pleasure but not happiness. The irony is that I am posting it using my iPhone. Think about this crazy post and you will find the purpose of your life.


Lila of empathy

A man is measured by his wealth and a woman is measured by her beauty. Then what is love, friendship and marriage. Are they tools to unite wealth and beauty. Nope indeed they are tools used to empathise man and woman. But I agree to one fact that opposite genders get attracted easily. Yeah you may think that the attraction is love but I am not going to disagree the fact which is love. If you think love and sex are concurrent events. Then you are absolutely wrong. Love is an ambiguous tool which plays a major fact in both male and female. Friendship should be also made as a synonym to love. Because love is what which makes you to connect emotionally with a person and understand him who he is and what he has gone through. So a man and women can be true friends only when they both empathise at each other. This moment happened to me and made me realise that woman is far beyond love and sex. Thank you to my Lila. Friend for lifetime.👍

Be a Tumbleweed blowing in the Wind

Many times I have thought why am writing this blog but every time I put a why I have been taken down by a hit. For some people why is the cause of all miseries. After one month of taking a pause I have realised there is no purpose for me to write this blog but except the fact it gives me pleasure. So sometimes we have to accept the fact that being rational is just a key which opens the door to oblivion. If an rational person has to write this blog he will think whether there is any materialistic advantage which he gains by writing or else it will be waste of time. But in the process he forgets that he has been a victim of living the life of others. I have to acknowledge the fact that time waits for no one but so life. If you don’t express yourself honestly you are living the life of others at the end in death bed you will realise oblivion which ultimately destroys the purpose of your goal. Remember the fact that Dead is the only destination which everyone has. So in this limited life make use of your time to fulfil your purpose which is nothing but not knowing what happens next and at the same time not going to oblivion instead take life as it comes to you. So as Jack Dawson said I am really excited to see what happens next and who am gonna wind up with.

#Be who you are and you will become your own admirer. Forget the fact that Man is a social animal and realise that you are a lion which rules its own destiny.

Nothing is possible if you are trying to stop them

This is based on analysis of characters of protagonist of landmark films like The Godfather and Taxi Driver. Michael gets bullied by his own family when he says that I will kill those who threatens my father’s life. But at the end he stands tall like his father like a Godfather. In Taxi driver when Travis decides to save the life of a minor prostitute, even that minor girl laughs at him asking are you sane but at the end Travis becomes a monstrous hero. Rocky oh my GOD no other film can influence underdogs, than this in first scene rocky is called as bum by an unknown lady but he stands head to head with the world heavyweight champion till the last round. These things are also possible in reality if you look at the life of Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey you come to know the odds they faced before reaching this position. Combination of emotional intelligence and hard work can change anyone’s life drastically. So stay there and hang on for one more round with self belief and take risks with emotional intelligence, you will overcome the naysayers and they will become your admirers.

#This post may contradict my previous posts but mandatory in this so called depression era.👍

Being always right

Do you feel that you are being always right then you are on the right path if you are one among the people with depression in this psychiatric era because, it gives you clarity and helps you to counter depression by positive thoughts.

#Nobody gives a shit about what is your attitude until you gain power which ultimately leads to fame.

Sum of all people = You?

Have you ever wondered why many people are just satisfied with their life and having a attitude which is “Life is there and we are going to just survive it”. So people with this attitude are not born instead they are shaped by their society. That’s why there is a lot of room for admiration of celebrities. Many people want to be someone and not themselves without questioning it they die. The reason is you are told by someone that you are going to school, study well, join a college, marry a girl, have kids, earn for them. Ultimately when you finish this you are nearing death and then you finally die. But this won’t happen if you just think what makes you happier and you would cherish every moment in doing that. Then you will realise money inhibits you from doing that. Am not asking you to take money out of the equation just take comfort out of the equation. Live a dual life in day time you do your regular work and during rest of the time do what makes you happier. Am saying this because it will itself give you the peace of mind for your routine job since you are happy the rest of the time. When you find confidence in your passion then switch the gears and head on with your passion.

# Don’t just absorb and reflect instead absorb and refract. Give colours to your life

Humanity is the only religion that I believe

Cast, race, religion, greed are the symbols which are created to divide this world, humanity is a simple concept where every human being are treated equal for an instance let us look a man naked without wearing shirts and accessories such as race, country, religion and greed. If yes then there is no place for word sympathy. Only empathy exists. Let us create a world of humanity.

# let start saying I am from planet earth.