To cure, is to alleviate

The cure is not to repress but to express one self, atleast to yourself when nobody listens to you.

All miseries which we face are because of repression of ideas, expressions, opinion and so on. This denial leads leads to a monumental burden which we have to carry for the rest of our lives.

Let me consider a scenario, there is a person bleeding, when he denies the fact that he is bleeding and everything is normal will eventually lead to death when the bleeding exceeds the threshold.

To put it in simple terms, have a dairy or catalogue of events, where you can pour whatever comes to your mind of those events on a daily basis.

That way you can alleviate your burden, even if no one is ready to hear or share it.

Finally walk alone if necessary.

Death is only for the body

You can see philosophy posted in this blog contradictory.

But I want you to hold and plead you to read this post because, we have to respond to the situation and not react. I have been blogging to instill faith, hope and embrace the change. But my values has never changed, that is to instill hope to those people in despair. Every blog post addresses people of different background.

Also I too have weakness, experience moments of despair, where as my idea don’t.

I am whatever you need me to be.

Balance is the Key

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find a purpose in life, Tragedy, Trauma and above all of that Experience in Life. Yes Experience matters.

We are born in this world without a purpose, but nobody dies without a purpose. Yes Nobody. Actually many motivational speakers tell that when you lie in the death bed, you regret because of lack of purpose and you didn’t find one. Well I absolutely deny that fact because there is only a thin line which distinguishes purpose and satisfaction. Some regret because there is no satisfaction.

We can be satisfied only when we act according to our values. Purpose is very simple everybody does something to survive. At the end of the day we do our work with or without satisfaction, but it benefits atleast someone in the world.

So inorder to be satisfied, find your own values without trying to exploit others. Believe in order and justice even if it is corrupted. Try to develop your own values which supports humanity. Those values draw a line on which we have to balance inorder to be truly satisfied.

Change is suspectible to psychology and time at the given time.

30 years ago what we called taboos are now considered as rights and vice versa. Take any country, people who were sharing the limelight in the society at that time were representatives of taboos at that time and now the same scenario exists with ony taboos interchanged. If you can see beyond you will notice the liberals who were breaking free the taboos at that time are fighting against the same now where as conservative people on the other hand who were fighting against the change at that time are now protecting the same change.

So my takeaway is that you should be the first one to embrace the new to make the most out of it orelse your new will become old as you get old.

The Seductive Pill

Ramesh was bewildered at the sight of that man. For a second, he even thought that the man was a homo. The man was constantly looking at him that he had the urge to leave the train immediately.

On the arrival of the next station, Ramesh felt a tap on his back. It was the same man who puzzled Ramesh. “Leave the way or get down” told the man. Ramesh was relieved and he got down. He was surprised to see Tara walking aside him. He started blushing. He asked himself how lucky he was for a moment. But it took him by surprise when he saw Tara holding hands with the stranger who perplexed him and Ramesh started to run. Everyone at Andheri station was surprised to see such a maniac. He boarded a taxi and reached home. He started to shiver and deactivated his Facebook account. He felt handcuffed. “Dhan te nan, te ne ne na”. On hearing this, he took his mobile. Adding fuel to the fire, it was Tara. He thought his life was totally screwed and pressed the answer button. She asked, “Are you in any trouble? Why did you run out of the station?” Ramesh whispered, “Ta-Ta-Tara, are you tracing my call?” 

“What? Are you insane? Why would I have to do that?” asked Tara. Ramesh narrated the entire incident that occurred at the station. 

“My husband has no idea about you… Anyway look, 2 p.m. sharp” 

“Teeke teeke”.

Ramesh boarded the train and reached Andheri again. This time he was whistling and pressed the calling bell. Tara welcomed him with a smile and served him hot coffee. Ramesh took a picture of a small girl from the table and asked who she was. Tara replied, “It’s me.” He hanged it on the wall.

“Shall we?”

“If it’s inappropriate, I could make my way out”, said Ramesh with a twinkle in his eyes.

“No, no. It’s completely alright.”

Ramesh slowly approached Tara and  lifted her. She kissed him on his lips which was darkened by cigarette buds. He carried her till the bed and removed her clothes. He started to feel the fresh smell of her brassiere. After sharing the bed, Ramesh asked, “Are you a newly wed?”.

“Yup, but it isn’t a big deal. We are having some difficulties sharing the same bed.”

Ramesh gave a nasty smile and made his way to the entrance.

A day later, Tara was happy to cook a sumptuous breakfast for her husband. After having it, he said, “This may sound cliche but sex is just a part of life and not the whole life. But practically, it may feel unfair to have a husband who can’t satisfy his wife in bed.”she replied

“It’s not a big deal.”

“Anyway, we have an appointment with the urologist this evening. So, we can decide whether to continue or part ways after consulting”, said the husband and left for his work. Tara’s eyes started to shower  after hearing these words and she felt ambivalent on whether she was cheating her husband or justifying herself by satisfying her needs alone. She took a moment to calm herself and then deleted Ramesh’s number from her mobile.

Violence is the only path left to make love

At many a time we think there is no love left in this woeful world. But inorder to fill up even a tangible amount of love in this world we need to choose violence. Many must be confused by what am saying but it is simple as that when somebody forces you drive away from the path of love then you have no choice left other than taking violence because such a sadistic man can harm the world 10000 times more than what you want to offer. So only protagonist are loved and antagonist are hated even in the film. Figuring out the thin line between love and hate.

2 Rupees Billionaire

It was Billy’s last day in office, Billy is a man who is evicted from his office due to his naive straight forward attitude. He was not depressed because he lost his job but he was depressed since he didn’t have a purpose and family. But Billy was slightly fucked off by the fact that he had only received final settlement for 2 months. With bitterness surrounding him he started to drive to his single bedroom apartment located in Adayar, Chennai. On the way he saw a writers cafe. He was attracted to that cafe not because of the crowd but because of the name. So he went inside and ordered cappuccino. While he was waiting for the order he saw Anton checkvo’s picture printed on the wall. The next moment he found his purpose, he wanted to be a writer. After having the coffee he paid his bill and turned towards the door. The cafe owner was rushing towards him and said Sir here is the two rupees which you have paid extra. With a slight smile he accepted it and started driving to home. The cafe owner’s behaviour gave him some hope that there is still some humanity alive in this fast paced world. Soon the next day he started to write short stories and posted it online. Slowly after two weeks he had twenty followers who liked his blog. But he approached all the publishers in India but everybody turned down due to his lack of experience. A month passed and it was Billy’s time to work for his survival so with all the money he had he decided to open a small cafe. He also decided to open it in front of writers cafe in Adyar. A month passed and Billy’s cafe did well and Billy started to earn some amount for his survival. Annoyed by the fact the fact that the his cafe’s profit had gone down by 10 percent the writers cafe owner, decided to shut down Billy’s cafe. Since he was a billionaire and had enough influence he asked the local food inspector to file a case and shut down Billy’s cafe. So happened next day Billy saw a seal with notice on his cafe shutter that it has been sealed due to unhygienic environment. Billy some how found that it was writer’ s cafe owner was the behind. Furious Billy stormed into writers cafe and hit him with a stick which made his one eye severely damaged. The police arrested Billy for his act of violence and imprisoned him for a year. In jail Billy met Geoffrey who was a famous author. Their friendship bonded very well. Once both were out of the prison both co-wrote and published a novel which made them billionaires. The next day the writers cafe owner printed a poster of Billy in his cafe.

Take life as it comes at you

Till this point of the day I thought a real man makes his own luck but I was taken to a ride by life. I was in that roller coaster ride, ignorantly believing that am the master of my destiny. Everyone who thinks he is the master of his destiny and he is solely responsible for his success and failure, should give a moment and think, at the end of the day you will be happy only if something goes well, it could be your favourite team winning the league, your love is happy. If you still think you are an introvert then you need some space which is quite but what if some creates a chaos out in that place. These definitions are only limited to our beliefs. No man is an island to succeed and at the end of the day there is some driving force who controls us. So In order to be happy at majority of times we should be open to all experience and we should take life as it comes to US.👍

Post to sell happiness 😝

Civilisations have not grown but only changed. I still remember before the birth of Computer and Internet people were living happily and with dignity. I am also not denying the fact that people are not happy now. But the way we find happiness has changed. For instance digital era and online games have made us isolated but we still find happiness in that where as in earlier days playing rugby football cricket made us happy. Just stop a moment and think we cannot buy happiness instead we can only feel it. Money can give you pleasure but not happiness. The irony is that I am posting it using my iPhone. Think about this crazy post and you will find the purpose of your life.