Sum of all people = You?

Have you ever wondered why many people are just satisfied with their life and having a attitude which is “Life is there and we are going to just survive it”. So people with this attitude are not born instead they are shaped by their society. That’s why there is a lot of room for admiration of celebrities. Many people want to be someone and not themselves without questioning it they die. The reason is you are told by someone that you are going to school, study well, join a college, marry a girl, have kids, earn for them. Ultimately when you finish this you are nearing death and then you finally die. But this won’t happen if you just think what makes you happier and you would cherish every moment in doing that. Then you will realise money inhibits you from doing that. Am not asking you to take money out of the equation just take comfort out of the equation. Live a dual life in day time you do your regular work and during rest of the time do what makes you happier. Am saying this because it will itself give you the peace of mind for your routine job since you are happy the rest of the time. When you find confidence in your passion then switch the gears and head on with your passion.

# Don’t just absorb and reflect instead absorb and refract. Give colours to your life


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