Nothing is possible if you are trying to stop them

This is based on analysis of characters of protagonist of landmark films like The Godfather and Taxi Driver. Michael gets bullied by his own family when he says that I will kill those who threatens my father’s life. But at the end he stands tall like his father like a Godfather. In Taxi driver when Travis decides to save the life of a minor prostitute, even that minor girl laughs at him asking are you sane but at the end Travis becomes a monstrous hero. Rocky oh my GOD no other film can influence underdogs, than this in first scene rocky is called as bum by an unknown lady but he stands head to head with the world heavyweight champion till the last round. These things are also possible in reality if you look at the life of Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey you come to know the odds they faced before reaching this position. Combination of emotional intelligence and hard work can change anyone’s life drastically. So stay there and hang on for one more round with self belief and take risks with emotional intelligence, you will overcome the naysayers and they will become your admirers.

#This post may contradict my previous posts but mandatory in this so called depression era.đź‘Ť


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