Be a Tumbleweed blowing in the Wind

Many times I have thought why am writing this blog but every time I put a why I have been taken down by a hit. For some people why is the cause of all miseries. After one month of taking a pause I have realised there is no purpose for me to write this blog but except the fact it gives me pleasure. So sometimes we have to accept the fact that being rational is just a key which opens the door to oblivion. If an rational person has to write this blog he will think whether there is any materialistic advantage which he gains by writing or else it will be waste of time. But in the process he forgets that he has been a victim of living the life of others. I have to acknowledge the fact that time waits for no one but so life. If you don’t express yourself honestly you are living the life of others at the end in death bed you will realise oblivion which ultimately destroys the purpose of your goal. Remember the fact that Dead is the only destination which everyone has. So in this limited life make use of your time to fulfil your purpose which is nothing but not knowing what happens next and at the same time not going to oblivion instead take life as it comes to you. So as Jack Dawson said I am really excited to see what happens next and who am gonna wind up with.

#Be who you are and you will become your own admirer. Forget the fact that Man is a social animal and realise that you are a lion which rules its own destiny.


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