Lila of empathy

A man is measured by his wealth and a woman is measured by her beauty. Then what is love, friendship and marriage. Are they tools to unite wealth and beauty. Nope indeed they are tools used to empathise man and woman. But I agree to one fact that opposite genders get attracted easily. Yeah you may think that the attraction is love but I am not going to disagree the fact which is love. If you think love and sex are concurrent events. Then you are absolutely wrong. Love is an ambiguous tool which plays a major fact in both male and female. Friendship should be also made as a synonym to love. Because love is what which makes you to connect emotionally with a person and understand him who he is and what he has gone through. So a man and women can be true friends only when they both empathise at each other. This moment happened to me and made me realise that woman is far beyond love and sex. Thank you to my Lila. Friend for lifetime.👍


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