The untold love story

It was a crowded train and i finally got a seat to rest my back but, the first glimpse of her took my heart to a race.whenever we glimpsed at each other she took her eyes away from mine and was curling her hair. Honestly I don’t want her to get out of the train but suddenly at park town station she got up from her seat I couldn’t see her sizzling eyes because of the crowd then I realised it is way too high to approach her and I started to browse through amazon music. Suddenly I sensed something and when I turned back she touched my forearm with her finger. When I woke up to the reality she got down.

# Just wanna a glimpse of her eyes. Partly fiction partly true because she stunned my reality😉


Face your fears

Many people no almost all people think money gives you power but what actually gives power to people is fear which is what they seek. Actually the people who act against humanity wants a fuel called fear. Money and power are the ways to achieve it.

# I am not asking you to be fearless but be brave enough to face your fear at any point of life that will not defeat your enemy but makes your enemy fear for you.

Smartly take their weapon and save yourself😉

The act of brutality

I have seen many giants in their own business saying their rag to riches story. Earlier I was one among the audience who admired them but when I got to know the actual truth which is they were homeless and now they are billionaires but in between what did they do to reach this height is just inspiring which I agree but not rational or practical. My point is let the world know the truth behind your billions and not the sarcastic I was homeless, I worked hard, I donated blood to eat a meal which may be true.

#A pinch of rational cunningness is required to make billions and not hard word ya I mean smart work which is an analogy to cunningness.

Think about it my fellow people.

The unwanted girl

“She came as a homeless girl and went like an angel and in between she gave only one thing unconditional love” said Akram when asked who is she he replied “Percy my dog who recently passed away”

#canine is a loyal friend and a faithful companion take her or him home and She or he will shed all the love we need.

Beauty lies in beholders eyes

Ya “The difference in our eyes” . You may ask your spouse they would say you ” you are the prettiest Or most man manly I have met in my life”. For someone Angelina Jolie can be the prettiest, for some Aishwarya Rai, for some Leonardo DiCaprio and for some Tom Hardy. Theory of Relativity easily can explain the above fact nothing is absolute in this world everything is relative and keeps on changing but on the other hand even if you have the looks of DiCaprio but you don’t seem confident nobody would like you. So if your look is giving you inferiority complex when you face the mirror the fault is in your eyes and not in your face.

#Change your view of yourself

Drug induced creativity

“Ya it wasn’t new to me” said Akram what am going through is quite normal for me but the effects are seductive and creative.

Hello friends,

I am a strong believer that creativity always comes from broken heart if you are feeling isolated, lonely or depressed and going through a rough patch in life accept that experience and use it as an ignition for your creativity.

#pain is a seductive yet creative drug cherish it.